Insomnia is taking over my life!! Haven’t been to sleep yet and its already time to start my day. I’m sure its the insomnia, but i’ve been holding back tears all morning. All I can think about is no matter where I end up (even if its a billion miles from this hell hole town), no matter who I end up with (even if he’s the so called “guy of my dreams”), no matter what job I have, or how much money I’m making , or how much I weigh, or how I look..I don’t think I’ll ever be happy. …I should be happy right now. My life is slowly getting pieced back together, but I’m not. I’m completely depressed and miserable and its not even for any real reason!! that’s the hard part. I mean, I could understand if there was an actual problem right now, but there’s not..which leads me to believe that I have depression…fabulous, but obviously I can’t go see a doctor becasue who in their right mind would let a depressed girl into the navy and give her a gun, right?? haha


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