yep.. still can’t sleep. Not sure what the deal is? I can sleep allll day, but when it comes to night time I can’t sleep a wink. I’m not even tired. I tried getting my sleep back on schedule and it worked for a while, but not now. This totally sucks because its almost 6am and I’m wide awake. I guess its a good thing my gym opens early. I think I’m going to go around 7 if I’m still up and then head back around 1 when my friend gets out of class. Tomorrow should be a pretty productive day. In between I’ll probably go shopping for a social that my sorority is having. The theme is Jersey Shore cuz a lot of the guys in the frat we’re having it with are from jersey, so its pretty much just us making fun of them lol. I’m thinking something along the lines of temp. dying my hair black, wearing WAY too much make-up and really REALLY high heals..not sure what kind of clothes though? ..Then I have to work at 5 tomorrow. We were super busy last wednesday and I made almost 200 dollars, so hopefully this week is the same. I love finally having money again. After I went to Hawaii I was completely broke for like 2 months! It sucked and the vacation really wasn’t even worth it..It was way too short and I only got like 2 days on the beach. If me & my ex weren’t completely at each other’s throats every second of the day I might plan a trip back there and just stay with him in his apt, but I know we would just argue 24/7 and I would end up spending the rest of my money on a hotel room for the rest of the stay. Plus I need to focus more on working out and preparing for bootcamp instead. I know this may sound bad, but I can’t wait to run against my friend at the gym tomorrow because I’m almost positive I’ll beat her. I did a lot better than I thought the other day after smoking so much and barely working out at all. I’m going to swim tomorrow also. I need to make sure that I still can haha! Imagine if I went to boot thinking that I could still swim and then sinking like a rock lol. That would be horrifying! I’m still maintaing around 135-138..not my goal, but for not doing much its not too bad. I don’t really eat that much though as long as I keep myself busy. Still working on cutting back smoking and eventually quitting….the worst part is when I’m at work though. I barely smoke at home.


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  1. Thanks for the comment.  🙂  That’s a really awesome gift idea.  Maybe I’ll try and find something like that to give my bf…he’s so hard to shop for.  lolSorry you can’t sleep.  Insomnia really sucks!I hope you have a good day today.  Take care!

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