“She’s looking for a thrill, but she’s done it all” –So true. I feel like my life has become completely boring. I don’t do anything exciting anymore & sure I like to get drunk & party, but that’s just not fun anymore..woo I get to black out, bawl my eyes out over something dumb that I wont even remember in the morning, and fill my body full of useless poisonous calories, then to top it all off feel like shit in the morning…Soo where’s the fun in that? ha! I really want to go camping, or fishing, or hiking OR ALL 3. I really have a lot of fun when I’m out in nature & stuff. I feel like I don’t have to worry about anything. I wanna go scuba diving, or bunjee jumping or something ANYTHING…but its winter and its snowing AGAIN even though it was 60 degrees like 2 days ago. I’ve been slacking with my gym time. I didn’t go for the last 2 days. I’m going today..probably here in about an hour after I make a high protein breakfast. I’m thinking egg whites with some veggies and maybe a slice of cheese or something? I need to eat things that will help me build strong lean muscles..not like bulky though. And enough healthy carbs for energy, but I need to be sure to not eat too much so that I actually burn them all up and don’t have any left over.

I have to work tonight. I need to try to look nice. Probably not going to happen, but at least I can try :/ lame mood lately, sorry its kind of a depressing post.


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