Well, I guess I got what I wanted. Ricky and Kara aren’t talking anymore. I guess they got in a fight at work tonight and she told him that she didn’t want to hear all of his problems, that she had enough of her own..I mean..Side note: Isn’t that what relationships are all about??! Being there for your boyfriend/girlfriend through thick and thin? I can’t believe I heard her say that tonight. So I guess he told her that if she didn’t want it anymore to just walk away, so she got up out of her chair and left. Then again, that’s just what he’s telling me, so who knows how much of its true or not. He honestly does have a lot of problems, as far as family, previous drug use, crime, money, and junk like that, but how are you supposed to be in a relationship with someone and not care. She knew what she was walking into when they first started..Which brings me to my current problem: Got what I wanted didn’t I? I got him away from her. I stole the show. Now what? HA! I can’t be in a fucking relationship! Are you kidding me? I’m fucked up enough now as it is let alone dating an ex drug dealer/ quite possibly an alcoholic. Sounding like Kara: i don’t need his problems, I have 999,000 as it is by myself. Maybe I’ll just make it known that its going to be casual and nothing else. I’ll get attached. I know I will, but for now, its casual. We jumped into things too fast to make it anything more. A relationship shouldn’t start off with a drunken fuck, that BOTH of you knew was wrong. I’m not going to let it get the best of me.

On a better note: I got a promotion at work!!! Which in turn means more work, but its not that bad, its just paper work. So now I make $4more an hour..which is even MORE amazing 🙂 and it means my boss trusts me because I now have a key to the fucking office 🙂 yay!


This week’s goal (s): Don’t get drunk (harder than it sounds with me lately)

2. Stay positive

3. Make it to the gym at least 4 days

Ok. Now those aren’t too hard. so we’ll see how it works out.


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