well ladies & gents..I made it in. I’m signed and sworn in with the us Navy.What on earth have I gotten myself into?! haha. Maybe one of these days I will make an informed, good decision and stop thinking so irrationally. Ricky & I are still on the rocks and Shawn has had the balls to actually appologize and continue talking about seeing me before I leave..slim chance. I’m at 138 and I haven’t been doing a damn thing besides binge drinking and being too hungover to eat. So, maybe my fucked up life is working for me…sike. No getting drunk this week. Sister and dad will be in Europe and I can’t freak my mom out by staying out all night without calling her. Be responsible… hmm we’ll see how long that lasts.


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  1. CONGRATS! i was recruited by Navy for swimming…but it was a bit too intense to think about so kudos to you! you must be way in shape, and beautiful and everything…jealous!GOOD LUCK!!! keep up the good work. and haha about the binge drinking, ive felt thats all ive been doing too

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