Well… Ricky & I got together..I fucked it up. He decided to try to get back to me..blah blah blah. Same old sob story. Everyone that knows we’re kinda together is asking me why because they all know, as well as I do, that he is not my type and I can do soooo much better. I think I’ve just come to that point where I want someone there..I’m finally tired of being alone. I’ve been making myself dress up for work and such lately. It makes me feel a little better about myself. My room is finally clean again and just needs to be organized. That shouldn’t take too long. I just need a day off or 2 to get started and actually finish the job. I haven’t gotten drunk or went on a pointless shopping spree to blow all my money, so I’ve been able to actually save up a little there. For a while there I was paying for cigarettes in change and at times didn’t even have enough then. There’s nothing that I really need to get now either, so I should be able to start putting some of it away again. ..On the downside my car is fucked and in the shop for a few days, but since it was my DADS fault I think he’s going to pay for it.

So about the Ricky thing..I guess I’m just going to let it fly and whatever direction the wind takes me will be where I end up. Whatever’s meant to be, will be.


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