I’ve been doing fairly well with restricting. In the past 4 days I’ve had 4 french fries, a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, 1/2 a grilled chicken salad with fat free dressing, and kinda slipped up yesterday with a hamburger patty with ketchup… Could be healthier, but all in all, not too bad. That is what a normal person would probably eat in 1 day, not the span of 4. I’ve been losing weight too. I’m still at a high because of how fucked up I’ve been gettting and not caring what I ate and my lack of working out, but I am at 138.4 which is .4 lower than yesterday. almost 1/2 a pound in 1 day is good for me in a week I could be at my first goal weight. I’m trying not to let myself get caught up in drama surrounding Ricky. The other night he told me that he just needed space, so I’ve been giving it to him and letting him come to ME if he wants to talk or anything, and the other night he said “No matter how upset you make me, I can’t stay mad at you.” ..But I’ve still been trying to mind my own business..AND dress extra cute 😉  The chase is back on!…Well I’m sure he’ll turn up around town somewhere this evening so I’m going to go ahead and get ready and all prettied up just in case we happen to run into each other.


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