So everyone I know thinks I’m a drunk..and obviously, rightfully so. Obviously I work in a bar and also manage the same one, so I am there just about every night. Well who wants to just sit there with nothing to do, so I will usually have a beer or two, but not get belligerant or anything. But last week my boss decided to close the bar sun-tues since the students from my college town are out of school. Tonight I posted on my status “Sara doesn’t know what to do since the brewery is closed sun-tues. What am I going to do during the week” one person said “oh I dunno, behave?” and another said “how about get a life.” That previous one really upset me because it honestly made me realize that I AM there almost every night and I AM drinking and stupid shit like that. These past two nights I’ve gone to another local bar to hang out. Last night I only had 1 beer…tonight after that comment it was more like 4, but I just really need to find some new hobbies. Where am I supposed to meet people? When I’m at the gym so zoned out on all the diet/workout pills I’d taken? or at a freaking bar where everyone is drinking?…There’s not much more to do in my town… There’s not much more to do in my life… If I’m not working out, sleeping, working, or drinking there’s nothing else. I can’t exactly go to a nice restaurant and sit by myself and expect someone to want to talk to me…If I were them, I’d be like what kind of girl comes to a restaurant by herself, barely touches her food, drinkings a long island and leaves.. Anyone have any suggestions on how to meet new people?.. I’m leaving soon, so its not like I want anything serious, I just want people to know that I have more to my life than being in a bar. If I weren’t to go to a bar during the evening, I would end up lying on my bed surfing the internet..Not Idk about you, but that doesn’t sound very exciting to me. I’ve already cleaned my room TWICE this week..Not much else I can do. I just hate sitting at home. I don’t mind sitting alone during the day when my family isn’t home.. but I hate when they’re here. I always feel like I’m being watched or judged  I’m sure it would be different if I lived in my own apartment. Possibly, I’ll try to get another job that will keep me busy more often… I’ll do that tomorrow.

Where did happy go?


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