I go so long without eating..and then its days like today when I just don’t stop. Ricky and I are finally fine and we are more or less together. Now its time to start working on me. I need a new job. I’ve applied to what seems like a million different places and still have heard nothing back. I’ll go look at more tomorrow. I am sunburnt. It hurts. I need to get back to losing weight like I was..My summer clothes from last year are slightly too big. I want them to hang from my bones by the end. I need to save money.. That’s pretty easy right now since I have NONE. I am going to cash in all my change tomorrow. I “borrowed” $20  from my mom this evening. I DO fully intend on paying it back though.  I’m having a party tomorrow evening since I will have the entire house all to myself. I hope people actually come :/ I wouldn’t be suprised if they didn’t. Oh well, alone time for Ricky & I. That should be nice. I’m going to see how much weight I can lose in 2 weeks. I started the time at 12am June 22nd. That means it will end July 6th.. My ex is coming in at the beginning of July. I would like to drop 6 pounds by then. It won’t be hard. I’ve been doing nothing but binging and drinking. I’m not sure what to do about him coming in. I want to see him, but at the same time I’d like to pretend he’s not even here. I don’t want to upset him or Ricky. I’d like to tell them the truth, but I’m sure I’d lose them both if I did…Not that I actualy need either of them.


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