Haven’t slept.. Suprise suprise. I’m getting used to this whole insomnia thing I suppose. Some days I sleep for 14 hours. Others I can’t catch a wink. I’m wide awake and its 15 til 8 am. I’m not even going to try now. I’m supposed to meet with my recruiter and the rest of the DEP group. I wouldn’t even bother showing up, but I’m supposed to give a presentation. I’m supposed to be there at 5, but I think I’ll just go in a little earlier and show the recruiter the posterboard that I’m going to make, wait for most of the deppers to get there and show them, then tell everyone I have to work. Which is mostly true, but not til 8 😉

Today’s to-do list:

Take Chaos (my dog) for a walk 8am

Go to walmart to get stuff for the posterboard and make it 9am

Head to the river with Chaos to get some sun 10pm-3

Up to Huntington for the meeting 4:30-5:30

Then home to get ready 6-7:30 and off to work from 8pm-3

Maybe straighten up my room sometime in between all that


Ok scratch the river. I just don’t have time. I think I’ll straighten up my room, wash my car, and just lay out in the sun here at home while I make my poster..Liking this idea soo much better


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