Practice makes perfect, purging takes practice..therefore Perfect takes purging. Right?

Didn’t eat all day at work. Came home at 9pm at some kind of cold noodle bacon tasting thing. Weighed myself, then threw it up. Yuck!! I don’t know why I even ate it. Its because I’m bored I know it. I don’t like 4-8 shifts..its nice cuz I can sleep in and then get to bed at a reasonable time that night, but I just always want to eat afterwards. Its rediculous! Tomorrow is a 4-8 shift also. I’ll not eat before or after. I’m just going to try to load up on tons of water. A friend is supposed to call me to go to a little get together later. She was supposed to call at 10 and still hasn’t called yet. I’m really tired. I might just go to bed now and try to pass out..then if I can’t take some sleeping pills and just try to sleep the entire night and not wake up til the afternoon tomorrow. I’d like to tan sometime though..I might see how much money I can save up before texas then if I think I have enough I’ll go get one of those spray tans..I’ve seen some people with them and they really don’t look that bad. I might dye my hair tomorrow after work also.. I need a change. I’d like to go light brown because I think I look pretty good with brown hair, but I want to be blonde for texas, so I might just do I darker platnium color for then and then maybe brown when I come back..but I definately have to do SOMETHING. I’m drawing my tattoo also..Tomorrow I’ll call the Navy office and confess that I fucked up. I’ll be out after that. I’m not going to get my tattoo until I’m 130..Period..That REALLY has something to get me motivated. I can’t wait for my life to start again.


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