20 days!

Alright, it is exactly 20 days until I meet up with Ricky again. For the first time in about a month or month and 1/2. Let’s see how much I can lose. I know it can be over 10 lbs. Last week I fasted for 3 days. I’ll fast the week right before we leave because i know if I try to do it now I’ll just end up wasting time because I’ll eat like crazy after that. I’ll just continue to have small healthy meals, no soda, redmeat, cheese, or bread. ooo or anything deep fried! veggies veggies veggies! I’ll also start doing a little extra cardio and some waist trimming exercises. Its easy to get away with because my whole family works almost every day of the week. I’m going to lay out in the sun a lot too. Once he see’s me he will SOOOO regret going back home. HA!


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