I met a boy. Yeah, I know. Another one? Its not like that though. I’ve known him for almost 2 years now and since I’m not going to the Navy I can finally see him. Tonight he said he didn’t progress on me because of Ricky. I told him Ricky was done and over with. I kind of lied..Great..Lies to start off a could-be relationship. Oh well, I have liked Mike ever since I met him. He’s a cop..its always good to have those on your side right? I’m going to try, …but not make it to obvious. I’ve lost weight. He’s a guy, I doubt he notices…but I hope he has..his last GF looked like this..There is NO WAY I could EVER look like this even if I didn’t eat anything at all for a year!

She was probably THAT small..like 5’2″ MAYBE 90 lbs!!..I couldn’t do that if I TRIED..oh well. I DO think I have a nice personality and he HAS seemed interrested before. I really like him and I don’t want to screw this up..therefore I won’t eat..


Still haven’t eaten any more today..but I did drink about 6 beers..fml..at least it was liquid?


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