Well, I’ve been tanning, so that’s a plus. I haven’t been working out at all, but honestly I just don’t have time. Or a car to get to a gym. I’m so tired when I’m at home and the only time I really feel like I’m awake it after work and that’s at about 3:30Am. I can’t work out at 3:30! I think I may be getting sick again..or maybe I just did too much coke last night and that’s why my throat hurts..Well yesterday I ate about 1/2 of a grilled chicken wrap..only about 4 bites..but that was too much if you ask me. I could’ve gone without eating at all. I haven’t eaten today and I’m not going to. I doubt if I’ll eat tomorrow either. I neeeeeed to be thin! I know I can be 130 by halloween, but that’s not enough! I’m going to dreadfully go weigh myself now. 135.8..not as bad as I expected. I absolutely MUST be below 130 if I am planning on wearing any kind of tight/revealing outfits..and of course I am planning to! I need 4 different ones too :/ I will for sure be broke in no time. I work at the bar the thurs, fri, sat, and sun of halloween..Oh well I guess that will keep me from getting wasted? I’d also like to NOT drink until halloween..which will be fairly difficult seeing as how I am a self-proclaimed alcoholic. I don’t think I can do it, but I KNOW it will help me lose weight and hell its only 20-some days..stop drinking = lose more weight…hmm I’ll leave it at this: I’ll definately give up beer and any kind of mixer that is not sugar free or diet EX Jack and diet will be okay…I hope. I can’t wait to be thin, tan, and YAY My hair is finally growing back out. I’m thinking of dying it darker? its a pretty light blonde now, not as bleached out as the girl’s in the picture.. Maybe a medium blonde I guess.

Well, I’ve got to jump in the shower and get ready for work. Shower, get ready, tan, get the rest of the way ready, stop for cigs and a black coffee (cappuccinos also have to stop), then off to work until 3. Fun fun.. I need to drink a lot of water tonight! I also have 2 hydroxycut drink mixes left I may drink one of those…my stomach is growling right now :/


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