Only smoked 1 cigarette today (I’m sure I’ll have 1 or 2 more after my parents go to bed, if I don’t fall asleep first) I haven’t drank at all today either. I know that may not sound all that amazing, but I don’t remember the last day I’ve gone without a single sip of alcohol or 1/2 a pack of ciggs at the least. I can’t say that I’ve had a productive day, but I did finally lay for the whole time in the tanning bed. I quit one of my jobs, so now I’m not going to be working 7 days a week. I may pick up a shift at a friends bar/restaurant. The City was just kicking my ass on a daily basis. I was only making 1/2 of what I make at Bob’s and when it all evened out I was probably even making more there even though the tips weren’t quite as good. We’re not allowed to drink behind the bar at Bob’s either, so that’s a good thing and its too far from my house to walk, so even if I did go out there on my days off I’d probably have just 1 drink or something because I would have to drive home. Whereas The City was just a little over a mile from my house, so I would just constantly get drunk there. It will all work out. I’m not too worried. Bob treats me really good too. I could see myself becomming a manager sometime soon too (Which includes a pay raise 🙂 ) Tonight I’m going to start looking at colleges. I wouldn’t mind going to Huntington with my sister, but I’m ready to start over. I’m ready to start doing really well and really putting my nose to the gridestone. I know if I went there I would do well, but I could see people saying, “Oh Sara only did well because she had her sister down there looking after her” It would be nice if we could get an apartment together though. I just have to find a place where I can keep my dog and that whole neighborhood off of campus is like the freakin ghetto. Screw that. I’m thinking somewhere in Kentucky. I wanna go so far away that my past can never find me. Its time to start with a clean slate and just let people know the new me. Not the fucked up, drug addicted, alcoholic that I am trying to escape.

My intake was small today, but not quite as small or as low in calories as I had originally hoped. 1 cup of potato soup, and 1 slice of thin crust garlic pizza.. ya the pizza really fucked me up. 😦


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