Nodding out as  type. Just got home from work. Ate 2 pieces of candy there, threw them up because I had..well..”Had too much of a “good” thing.” Oh well. Too bad I paid out $70 for 2 of them! Hell, I’d pay anything to be thin :/ ..I’m in bed and I’m dying for something to munch on. My damn dog at almost an ENTIRE bag of beef jerky. I totallllllyyy want some of that right now. Fills me up with 0 fat and barely any calories..High in sodium, I know, but also high in protein which is something I obviously need lately. My hair is falling out from lack of vitamins. And I’m barely even tanning thanks to my good ole friend Anemia! Fuck a buncha that. I think I’ll make some oatmeal..and probably end up throwing that up too, but oh well. Shit happens. Hopefully closer to my goal weight tomorrow.


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