I hate drinking! Once I start, I never want to stop. I need to gain control of myself! I do such stupid shit when I’m drunk too. I lie, I forget things, I make a fool out of myself ALWAYS. I really just need to stop drinking especially since I barely eat. Today I had 3 egg whites with onions and green peppers, 140 cal bowl of tomato soup, 100 cal yogurt cup, and 7 saltene crackers. Not too overly bad seeing as how I’ve been up alllllll day for a change. Its 12:30 and I’m actually tired like a normal person should be.

Tomorrow: Walk to tanning bed, tan, walk home, shower and get ready for work. No where in any of that does it say eat! Got it! I’m only 1.2 lbs from my 1st gw!! and that means only 6.2 to go before my birthday 🙂 I can do it

Thinspo from VS since I’m looking to buy a few things from their website

    Love her collar bones and arms and cheek bones I really like how her stomach is nice and flat, but still toned

Look at her shoulder blades

I’m gettin’ there…Just gotta keep my mind on track and not fuck up like I always do.


I wanna disappear


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