I did it! I met my 1st GW! and I’m actually under it! 134.6. I’m on my way, you better believe it. This is the smallest I’ve been in almost 2 years. Isn’t that sickening? I ate 3eggwhites and oatmeal today, then decided to weigh myself and I was 135.6….so I purged it all and dropped a pound!..drank lots of water throughout the meal too..not like I ate a whole lb of oatmeal and eggs lol. Bring it on halloween! I’ve got my own weapon! I just might wear my school girl and my dallas cheerleaders uniform this year.. We shall see. At this rate I should be at 130 by the 28th..(That day starts our halloween weekend at work) and it lasts all 3 days, then I should/SHOULDN’T find a place to party on sunday the actual halloween. Welp, off to walk a few miles with my puppy. I remember I needed to go to rite aid, but I don’t remember what for. I know its not food 😉


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