I am so tired! I’ve barely slept at all these past 3 days. I’ve just got too much on my mind. Working, trying to please the parents, finding schools to go to next semester, and finding a job wherever I DO end up finding a school…ugh this sucks. I just can’t sleep. If I do sleep its been for about 2-3 hours a night..I’m runnin’ on empty..litterally I had 8 grilled shrimp last night. There were about 250 cals in them. I really didn’t think there were that many cals in grilled shrimp, but I also had about 1/2 of my side salad with no dressing. That’s all I had yesterday, so not too bad. Halloween I’m gonna get there & kick your ass! ..I just gotta keep it in my head that I can’t just quit after halloween I’ve gotta keep doing. I’m actually very proud of myself. I’m kinda doing well like when I was when I went to hawaii. I need to plan a vacation for this birthday..but I have no clue where to go. I’d like to go somewhere with a beach and where they speak english..those are my only requirements..I’ve got plenty of money from working so much so that’s not too much of a problem. Maybe a cruise?


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