I don’t wanna be different

People usually have pride in being different from others’ whether its by having tattoos and piercings, liking different music, dressing differently, or any other way of straying from the norm. But me, me, I don’t wanna be different anymore. I want to eat like everyone else. I want to be able to go out and have fun without getting completely trashed. I want to sleep, I just want to really SLEEP. The hours that normal people sleep. Not from 7am til noon. I want to sleep from 11pm-9am..something NORMAL! I want to feel loved. I’m tall, I’m fairly thin (according to the regular people), I have long blonde hair and an outgoing personality. I should not be single…but I’m NOT normal. Not even close. I feel alone in the middle of crowds of people I never sleep I don’t eat I can’t handle my alcohol. I just, in general, I suck. I’m tired of crying I just want to smile and mean it. Starting today I am quitting drinking (Minus my birthday on Saturday and I’m only going to have 6 beers and 1 birthday shot..That might sound like alot to “normal” people, but its not much at all to me. After that, nothing!


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