I had planned on getting so much stuff done today. Instead, I barely got any sleep last night, and kept re-hitting my snooze alarm until 3:30 this afternoon..That was still only 8 hours of sleep, but even when i sleep it seems like I don’t get any actual rest. I have so many problems. I’ve been relatively content lately..I haven’t be as down-in-the-dumps as usual, so I guess thats good. I just don’t do anything. I work, sleep, hmm yeah thats about it. Work and sleep. I haven’t been doing much as far as working out or even restricting, but I eat just 1 meal a day and I’ve been maintaining right around/below 135. I’ll get back on my horse here is a week or so and drop that last 5 to get it over with. I notice all my clothes are fitting looser. That’s always a good feeling. Since I didn’t get anything done today..

Tomorrow’s TO DO:


Clean room

Change bed

Put clothes away

Shop for uncle Chip


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