Yeppp..Just as I suspected. I didn’t do a damn thing on my to-do list today. I didn’t get any sleep..again. And once again it is 5:15 am and Yep, you got it I’m STILL awake. I set my alarm for tomorrow and I WILL get up at a reasonable hour to try and get this sleep back on track. I can’t handle this. It makes me feel more alone than I already am. Alone when I wake up in the midafternoon, stay in my room (alone) until about 7 when I go to work, where I sit (alone) til 8 when I clock in. Then, and only then, do I trick myself into actually believing that I belong somewhere…I’m good at pretending (I even began to believe it myself) At close, I drive home (alone) where I sit at the tv for about 3-4 hours sometimes even longer then I go to bed (alone)..Wow I have an exciting play-by-play of a day. HA! How rediculous.. I went from the girl that needed her own reality show, someone who has no idea who the figure is staring back at her in the mirror.


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