Greek Yogurt?

What’s this Greek Yogurt I see people talking about everywhere? Have any of you ever tried it? What’s with all the hype?

I’ve been cleaning my room today. Its a little after 5pm. Haven’t eaten today. Gorged myself last night after work, though. That’s the hardest time for me to resist. When I get home from work I need to just boil some water, drink my night time tea (its supposed to make you relax and feel sleepy..totally doesn’t work, but its delicious and caffein/calorie free) and then head straight to my room. From now on, I am not allowing ANY food in my room. I’m not trying for a drastic weight-loss of any kind right now like I have been. I’ve plateaued a little, so I just want to make sure I maintain my 1gw instead of giving up and gaining all the weight back like I usually do. I need to get my sleep schedule back on track. I don’t fall asleep til about 7am then I wake up and lay around til 3pm..That’s about 8 hours of sleep like a normal person should be getting, but I would much rather be falling asleep at 4 and getting up at noon. At least I’d have a part of a day to actually do something…but that something would most likely include eating and I’m not down with that. Well I have to work in a few hours, so I’m gonna finish cleaning and jump in the shower. Definately too lazy to straighten my hair today. I need to get a good straightener for thick curly hair. Any recommendations? Not TOO expensive. I love my hair straight, but it just takes so damn long to do it.


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