48 hour fast for a new camera!

Began at 3:30 AM December 8th ends 3:30 AM December 10th..right before I leave for Kentucky! [Rules: No solid calories what-so-ever! Little to as few calories in drinks as possible! Watered down ORGANIC juices or Soy milk in moderation. Black Coffee or tea, esp. green tea prefered.] {Consequences: If I quit or binge for some STUPID reason 1. No camera 😦 2. Must take picture of my fat self and post it for everyone to see and laugh at.(That’s 2 damn good reasons not to fuck up! haha}

Starting weight: 132.0

(Wow! I just weighed myself for the first time in 4 days and I LOST 3.8 lbs. I absolutely cannot believe it. I guess I really haven’t been eating that much except for late at night. Kick ass! Lets keep this weight loss rollin’!)


  1   2   3   4   5  6  7  8  9   10  11 12  Woot woot!! 12 down 36 to go. My stomach is going crazy. Gonna sleep it off.

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 1/2 way there! 24 hours til I get my camera!

25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 So close! down to 129.4 (Lowest I’ve been in wayy too long!)

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 Hmm.. I did it! Now, what kind of camera to buy?

I haven’t been to sleep yet, so I’ll most likely just wait til my dad goes to work here in about 15-25 minutes, go out and smoke a cig, then make a few phone calls that I have to make, then try to get some sleep. I’ll try to wake up around 5-ish? (I should wake up at 4 when my parents are coming home, then just move to the couch pretending to “nap” so they won’t think I slept all day in bed. Then I’ll get ready for work and straighten up my room (which really needs done) After that I think I’ve got it pretty much down. Head off to work and drink tons of water to avoid feeling any hunger. After work, its straight up to my room to work on my painting to avoid any silly little late night kitchen raids. Then the same thing on Thursday..Only I work 4-8 instead of 8-close. All I’ll have to keep reminding myself is that theres only 7 more hours to go and that I just need to get some rest since I will be leaving early friday morning for a little road trip (weather permitting of course)

Edit 1:00PM- 131.8

Still haven’t been to sleep. I’m pretty much wide awake. My body is at least, I can feel my eyes starting to droop. I don’t know whether to get up & just stay movin’ or to try to fall asleep now…? I’m probably going to end up grumpy at work either way. If I don’t sleep I’ll be like a zombie, but if I do get a little rest, it sure as heck won’t be enough because I’m not going to let myself sleep all day because I won’t be able to sleep tonight either! I hate my sleep schedule..Oh well, on a plus side of me being up and moving all night I lost.2 lbs. I’m down to 131.8 This is the lightest I’ve weighed in years, but for some reason I’m just not that happy. Like, I look at myself and I don’t see a difference at all. Still have the spare tire around my waist, flabby arms that keep waving long after I stop, my thighs STILL touch (I won’t stop til they don’t) my cheeks are still fat, and my collar bones are practically non-existent. How on earth is this possible? I weighed more than this 3 years ago and had a flat stomach and everything..This doesn’t make sense. Oh well, on a brighter side, I got asked to go to florida for a quick 3 day trip dec 27th-30th to FLORIDA!!! Doesn’t that sound amazing? I’m going to have to start tanning NOW and doing it religiously unlike last time. I’ll just lay on the beach all day every day we are there and come back a bronzed beauty..Especially if I keep up with the weightloss…I don’t particularly like the guy that asked me to go..but I guess it’ll be okay. As long as he’s not expecting anything from it..EW

ANNNND I know I’m not hungry. I’m only 10 hours into my fast, but my stomach is sure trying to tell me that I am. I can’t wait to see what I weigh friday morning. I hope I’m not setting myself up for a let down :/ Well, I’m gonna search up some thinspo, but I’ll put it in a new post, but I’m gonna keep editing this one throughout the fast, so if anyone is actually interrested, you can catch it all here 🙂 Stay skinny everyone!

Resisting hasn’t been that hard today. I think its just because I am so damn tired from not sleeping. Tomorrow might be a tough one since my work schedule is different, but I’m just gonna tough it out. I’m at 131.2 now, that means a .6 weightloss and I’m not even 1/2 way there. Also, I know probably a whole pound of that is just water weight. I drank a lot of water today, had less than a cup of skim milk very early this morning because my throat was hurting and that always soothes it, then at work I had a cup of coffee, and about 1/2 of an oz of a shot we call “Liquid Marijuana” Its captain, malibu, maui, mellonaire, and pineapple juice, so there really wasn’t anything in it, but it was probably maybe 30 calories? So that shot and the milk would be my only calories today. Yay me! I said I was going to do something and I actually did it. Tomorrow: 2:45 get ready for work, call tanning salon and make appointment for 3:20, tan, get to work just before 4, so there’s no urge to eat before shift, get off work at 8, head to the frat house for a party, have POSSIBLY 1 bottle of beer, but only if they have bud 55, then head home and crash, so I can get some rest for  Tennessee!!!..still haven’t really decided if I want to go or not though..I really don’t want to drive 8 hours to just stay the weekend especially with all the snow i’m going to run into along the way..but the last thing I want to do is wonder “what if?”


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