I made this kick ass thinspo post and then my computer froze and took the whole damn thing with it..damn computer! This one might not be quite as awesome, but I promise, it’ll be worth your while. PS If you are interrested in keeping track of how I’m going with my fast check the post before this one. I’m just going to keep updating that one until its over. PSS If anyone would like to join me on my fast I’m coming up on 12 hours. Yours would be 36 and mine would be 48, but at least we could encourage each other. Message/comment me & lemme know.

Doesn’t that look so relaxing?

That’s what my hair used to look like! before I chopped it all off..I used to keep mine neater though

Not really thinspo, but I can across it and she looks like she just woke up from a 3 day coke/drinking binge/got rode hard and put away wet..wow

So tan & I like how these girls do their hair

She looks so delicate..One of those “take home to mom” girls

What guy wouldn’t want THAT as a xmas present

I like the blonde

I’d like to wear something like this to work. I’m a bartender



I know which one I’d wanna be..

The one on the left is 5’8″ 102 FYI

Okay..well thats all I feel like doing for now, but I will most likely post more later. Hope this keeps u guys going


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