“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that remains. “

- Anne Frank
I like that quote a lot. Try not to think of the hunger pains, or your stomach growling, or you mind driving you crazy over 
stupid cravings you know do you don't even want, but instead think of what all of that is stripping away from your fatty 
body. All you will be left with is pants that won't stay up barely even with a belt, shirt that used to be tight now hanging 
off of you, stares from hot guys as you walk light as a feather right by them..Beauty, that is what you are left with
I had a lady at work today and we were just making conversaion. I began to talk about abs and she said well gosh I bet if 
you would just do some sit ups you could have abs in no time with as skinny as you are. I wasn't sure whether or not to 
take that as a compliment or as an insult..Does she honestly think I don't work my ass off to cut lbs? But then again, she 
called me skinny..Of course from her it sooo doesn't count. She was huge. An elephant would look skinny compared to
 her. 23 1/2 hours til I get my new camera!!
I can't fuckin' sleep! This insomnia shit is killin me! 2nd day in a row I've been up This is rediculous!

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  1. you bring up a very good point! it’s inspiring, thank you.and i would take what that lady said as a compliment for sure.hopefully you’re able to sleep better soon! have you tried sleepy time tea? it really helps me.best of luck! x

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