New Camera!!!

Hell yeah ladies! Only 2 hrs left of my 48 hr fast and I feel amazing! Not even the slightest bit hungry. Maybe I’ll go for another day? Sure why not. Well I’m down to 129.4 which is the lightest I’ve been in far too long. I started at 132.8, so I’ve lost 3.4 pounds. I’m honestly for the first time very proud of myself. Almost lost it today when I somehow managed to forget? I was fasting lol. I grabbed a fry, dipped it in ranch and it headed straight for my mouth. I quickly tossed it in the trash only getting just a little ranch. Lmao..How do you FORGET you haven’t eaten in 36 hrs haha..Sometimes I amaze myself. So a few cals from the barely ranch and a took a drink of orange juice, but only about 2 ounces, so that was about 45 calories. Not too shabby. STILL can’t sleep, but tonight will be better. I was out in the cold for quite a while and now I’m all snuggled up in bed, so it shouldn’t take me long to catch some zzz’s. I’ll most likely be in TN this weekend, weather permitting of course, I’m still going to keep a low cal diet to be sure not to gain anything this weekend. Fasting again tomorrow should make sure of that. Although, I might pack myself some raw veggies for the ride just so I don’t have the urge to stop at some greasy nasty sweat shop fast food joint that will put those 3 lbs right back on me.

Does anyone have any advice on what you should/shouldn’t eat when breaking a fast?


2 thoughts on “New Camera!!!

  1. wow, that’s amazing! congratulations on your weight loss. :)i’ve heard that coming out of a fast you should stay away from solids… try to ween yourself back onto them by having liquidy foods like soup, yogurt, and pudding, then eventually adding in ‘real’ food. best of luck. xx

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