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Add me on facebook. Its under Sarafina Jade. I’m on there a lot more than I’m on here. I’ll post a new blog when I catch a break today. Super busy



My sleep schedule is finally back to normal, but I almost hate it. I’m up so damn early in the morning with nothing to do except try to avoid eating, which just stresses me out all freakin’ day until I cave and not only eat, but super binge..That’s all I’ve been doing for the past 4 days! I can’t even go back to sleep. I tried. I wish i could just work a normal job every day. Not working til 8PM sucks! especially on days off cuz its like uhhh what am I gonna do? I went to the mall yesterday cuz I was bored. I really don’t have money to be spending on gas to get up there, let alone spending it on shit I don’t need at the mall. Its just so cold outside, and even in my house, that there’s really nothing to do :/ Super boring. I wish we had a coffee shop in my town. I’d just sit there sippin’ my black coffee, reading, and people watching. I might go to walmart and pick up some fat free/ low cal stuff to eat and drink. I have to head out that way for my tanning appointment anyways. More later…Maybe even some thinspo


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