Yesterday was awful. All I did was eat. It started off okay. Nothing all morning then about 3:30 I had some green beans because even the whole can is only 70 cals and 0 from fat, then I baked cookies and usually I never eat ANY of them, well I at some of the dough and a cookie, after that I had some fish and corn, then the fam went out for pizza :/ I had 1 slice and a salad, but they didn’t have any fat free dressing so I barely put any italian on it. I hate days off! Today will be different. Its easy not to eat when I work 8-close I can go the whole day without eating then we’re not allowed to eat at work, the hardest part is just resisting once I get home. Restricting heavily today. I’m thinking a salad, if that. We’ll see how the day goes. I hate being stuck inside with this crappy weather. Theres just nothing to do!


I already have cravings. This is rediculous. Its because I’m trapped in this house, so there’s nothing to keep me distracted. There’s nothing but junk in my cabinets too. That’s the worst thing that could happen. I thought about running to walmart and picking up some veggies and stuff that I could possibly steam. Those usually fill me up fairly quickly withouth all the added calories. I’ve been craving salads lately too which I suppose is not such a bad thing. I need to pick up a few different kinds of fat free dressing while I’m out there..Setback=I’m too freaking cold to walk outside and its only 18 degrees!! lol Oh well, shivering burns calories 🙂


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