Did it!

No new year’s kiss for me like I had planned. Neither Jeff, nor I, are shy people. But when it comes to the whole “dating” or whatever you wanna call it scene both of us are bashful. Its kinda cute. I took him home when I got off work because he didn’t want to drive since he had been drinking and we hugged in his drive way lol. It was so cute watching him debate whether or not to make the first move. We were going to go skiing today, but the weather is all freaky and its like 50 degrees here today & yesterday. That’s not such a bad thing cuz I’m pretty sick and I think I’ll just stay in tonightto get better.

I need to weigh myself, but my mother is in the living room that’s beside the bathroom that has the scale I use in the closet. The closet is really loud when you open it too and she’s really freaked out about my weight. Therefore, I have to wait until she gets the hell out of the way. I weighed myself on our upstairs scale and it is USUALLY over, but it said I was under 130, but I’m not getting my hopes up because I ate a sandwhich with sauced peppers when I got home at 4am this morning.

I invited Jeff over to dinner at my house tonight. He hasn’t responded yet. I’m sure he’s shy, but honestly if I was trying to get on a significant other’s good side I would sure as hell say yes. He’s picked me up from my house twice and has yet to come to the door. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and because I was raised in the south, but that’s almost like not asking the father’s permission to marry their daughter. It’s just a big respect thing. And I love my dad. I always say my dog & my daddy are the only ones who will never break my heart.

UGH! I really just want to get drunk tonight!!!

OH! On another note. I’m really freaked out that I’m going to gain weight since I stopped smoking. I lost a lot when I started and I sure as hell REFUSE to gain it back!


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  1. I think smoking is an appetite suppressant? Maybe if you drank green tea or something it could help in the same way. Then you can have a healthy way to keep from being hungry all the time. 🙂

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