I’m pregnant..

Yes, you read the title right. Remember how Sean and I hooked up when I went to Tennessee about a month ago..Yeah well 1 time and BAMM! This blog is about to change drastically. I’ve really enjoyed the support and love I’ve recieved from all of you in times when I didn’t feel like I could take another breath. I certainly owe several of you my life. I wouldn’t still be here without you.

But its time to change. Its time to think of someone other than myself. I am well aware that I am going to have several struggles with gaining baby weight, resisting the urge to purge, and cutting back on my fitness routines. I’m doing this for the baby and for myself. I cannot be as selfish as I have been. There is a new life growing inside of me and I’ll be damned if I let him/her grow up the way I did.


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