Baby Daddy

I FINALLY got ahold of Sean, the baby’s dad. He’s in the US army and is at some kind of school where he  can’t use his phone until after 8PM (Hawaii time). Well he called back and it went WAYYY better than expected. He said for me to keep it on the hush for the next 2 weeks, so that he could finish the school and get back home to his wife :S and let her know they were getting a divorce. This is honestly a very fucked up situation now that I think about it… But we’re in love and we always have been. He said that he was no scumbag and was a grown man and that it was about time he acted like one. He is going to be there for his child…Only I will be due in August-ish? and he deploys for Afganistan in April, so for the last 4 months of my pregnancy quite & quite possibly the first 8 months of our childs life he will be 1/2 way across the world fighting for our freedom. This is going to be tough, but I’m ready for it. I am a strong woman and I can take charge of anything that is thrown my way.

As far as telling my parents…fml

I’m going to make it a little game. I think I’m going to gather them together for dinner or something then while they’re sitting down step away to get something and plant clues going up the steps to their bedroom and have onzies saying “I love grandma/grandpa” sitting on their bed. It might take the edge off a little..Much better than my previous plan of using text messages lol.

Soo much to do! Names, nursery, doctors visits, supplies..ohh my. I can’t sleep at all and I still have 9 months to go!


2 thoughts on “Baby Daddy

  1. @CheckRex – Thank you. It’s really all I’ve ever dreamt of..Although, I thought I would be in a better situation, but some of the best things in life are suprises. Its gonna be tough, I know it. But MAN I wish I was a writer because I sure have one hell of a life story that would make an awesome book/ reality show lol

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