Are you kidding me?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!!!

Just got off the phone with Sean for the first time in 3 days. I know he’s at that training camp & he said they were out in the field & honestly right now I’m so livid I don’t even give a fuck if its true or not. So here’s how it went:

He finally called and I stayed awake until 5AM to be sure I wouldn’t miss his call since there’s a 5 hour time difference. Well of course he called MUCH later than he said he would (still excusable, you never really know what’s going to happen with his schedule there) and we talked for a little bit. He asked how I was doing. I said it was wierd, but I was still excited, Always pictured myself with kids just not right yet. He said the same thing. Then he mentioned something about if people actually found out how it happened, so of course, me being the supportive baby mamma not wanting any drama, I asked what he was going to tell everyone, so that we could be on the same page. He had the fucking balls to tell me that he would just say that he was going trough a divorce anyway and I was pregnant, so he “decided” to step in as the father. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF DUMB ASS DOES THIS DOUCHEBAG THINK I AM?!?! OMG I’m just absolutely in shock and I can’t fucking believe it. So I was like “Are you serious? That’s what you’re going to tell everyone?” and he said “Well Dad & Pap will know, but as far as everyone else, fuck ’em” I honestly could not fucking believe it. Throughout the rest of our conversation I was just in such shock that I only responded with one word & short answers, so then he has the nerve to ask “What’s wrong? you seem upset all of a sudden.” I am NOT a confrontational person and that’s why I tend to go through huge bouts of depression because i just keep things in for so long until I finally explode & I don’t know if its my hormones going whack or what, but I was just like “Um, how could you expect me not to be upset when you tell me that you’re just going to make me out to be some kind of whore that you’ve just “decided” to be a nice guy & help me out with my bastard child?!?!” I mean, isn’t that what it sounded like to you too? He of course responds with “That’s not what I meant at all. I just don’t think everyone should know that we concieved an adulterous baby out of wedlock.” Of course we did dumbass! That’s the risk we took!! And now you’re not man enough to own up to it? Ha & He said “Now you’re stuck with me. You’re never getting away.” Fuck you! You damn useless wannabe badass! If you were as great as you claim to be, you would be man enough to own up to your own mistake, YOUR own child. Not one that you’re telling people isn’t yours that you’re still going to take care of because you’re “such a great guy”…BARF!! That just honestly makes me want to puke!

Oh & 25 minutes later I get a text from him “I’m sorry I don’t have the answers right now babe. I just hope that you and the baby are health. I’ll worry about all that other shit as it comes…You are my priority.”

OHHH I’m your priority, but you’re making your flesh and blood out to be an option? I see how it is.

I know he’s just as stressed out as I am and he’s never been that great with words, but COME ON MAN! Are you really dumb enough to say that to a pregnant woman?!?!


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  1. He could have handled it better, but I think he just wants to avoid backlash right now. Divorces are hard, and if she can prove he’s been stepping out, she could clean him out. Guys don’t think before they talk. 😛 Once he’s thought it over, he’ll do the right thing. Most guys do. Good luck, sweetheart, I’m here cheering for ya!

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