7 weeks

I haven’t really gained any weight, not that I have been trying not to. I’ve actually been eating a lot. I just don’t know if its enough. I really need to get to a doctor, but they don’t start seeing patients til 8 weeks any way. Learn about how many calories I should be eating, what kind of exercise if any is ok, and stuff like that. 1 week from today is supposed to be my last day at work :/ That really sucks. I love my job, but there’sjust too much cigarette smoke especially with me trying to quit as well its not easy being around a lot of people that are. I will need to find another job though. I can’t be job-less for 9 months. I would go stir crazy. I’d like a desk job..something like that. Love the tips & stuff from waiting tables & bartending, but I just don’t know if I should be on my feet that much. I’ve already noticed myself getting sick. I actually almost passed out at work the other day. It was bad.

I’ve noticed a wierd feeling in my stomach lately. Its like that growling feeling your belly gets when you’re hungry, but I’m not ever hungry? wierd..

EDIT: Yep I’m still 130, but my stomach looks enormous!..I did eat a really big dinner though and drink a lot of water. I feel sooo bloated I can’t even sleep. I’m so not used to this “full” feeling.


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