Kinda funny that a dress I’ve been trying to fit into for about 3 years now finally fits me..and I’m 7 weeks pregnant. Ohhh the irony! I’m cleaning/attempting to clean my room today. I need to get that done before I can even think about beginning anything else. I’ve already filled 1 large garbage bag of give away stuff and there’s another one shortly behind it. I really do have too many clothes, but I do wear most of them. That’s why if I haven’t worn it in the last year I’m definately tossing it & 6months unless I REALLY like it or its a special occasion outfit I toss it too. Stuff that doesn’t fit is shippin’ out also. I’m not going to get any smaller in the next 8 months, so no use in letting it take up space where baby clothes are going to need to go. Ohh I’m stressin already. I do NOT have room for this! lol My last day at work is this coming saturday. I still have not told my parents yet. I need to tell them wednesday/thursday. As soon as I make sure that saturday really is my last day. They’ll freak about me working in a bar, and its understandable. Well back to cleaning my room. PS I’m keeping that dress!


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