I want my body back! This is stupid to even post, I know. Because there is nothing I can do about it. I’m 6 months pregnant and much smaller than anyone else I know that’s pregnant, but I can’t help but think of how fantastic I was doing before I got pregnant and how absolutely amazing I would look now. I needed this to get me away from the drugs and the alcohol and I’m more than excited about the arrival of miss Marleigh Jade, but I hate how I feel, not even so much how I look, but just the fact that I’m afraid I’ll never be back to my body every again. I want to breast feed because mothers shed baby weight faster when they do, but that also means I have to eat really healthy. I’m trying to figure out which way I’ll lose faster. Instead, I SHOULD be focusing on what would be best for my little girl. I want more kids, but I NEVER want to go through this again.


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  1. Breastfeeding really does work. I gained 45 lbs while preggo, lost half of it in 3 months and was back to my pre-preggo weight in 6 months. Not only does breast feeding help you get your shape back, it helps your baby girl and helps you bond with her. It really helped me. I’m proud of you, by the way, unplanned pregnancies are hard (I know from experience).

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