STILL no baby. I’m not due for 5 more days, but for some reason I just thought I’d have her early…its kind of discouraging because some people I know that were pregnant around the time I was have already had their babies or seem to be moving along much faster than me. I mean, one girl had her baby 9 weeks early and I wouldn’t want that or anything, I’m just ready for her to be here & the fact that I’m not even having any contractions yet is just a little discouraging. I’m scared I’m going to have to be induced and if that’s the case then I would probably accept some of the pain management since it wouldn’t be natural anymore anyway. Oh well, I’m tired of talking about that. Its making me mad bc theres nothing I can do about it.

What I really wanted to vent about was how disgusting my house is! I’m living with my parents in what has the potential to be a very beautiful home. They’ve had it for about 23 years now I think and have remodeled several things, built additions etc. As far as keeping it clean, YUCK!! We have 2 cats and 2 dogs living in the house. They are all house trained and the cats litter boxes are in the basement, so none of that like gross animal smell, although sometimes when the dogs come in from outside I can kind of smell the dander, but the air fresheners take care of that. Its just clutter! clutter drives  me insane!!! I hate magazines/ mail on the kitchen table, dishes in the sink (After every dish I use, I rinse it, and put it in the dishwasher.) When my mother feeds the dogs of an evening she leaves the empty cans in the sink instead of just rinsing them right then & there & putting them in the recycling bin. What is so hard about that??!!! My sister is away at school, so its not any of her stuff. I have my purse down on the main floor and 1 pair of flip flops that I wear all the time if I have to go out somewhere. We have a rec room with a couch, tv, & 2 lazy boy chairs that is right next to the laundry room and alllllll of the clothes that have been washed get moved into the rec room and take up home in one of the chairs until someone folds them and puts them into baskets, which are also in the rec room. Why can’t the laundry stay in the laundry room??!?!! I know when my sister & I were younger, we did absolutely nothing around the house and really I’ve just started helping out more (as selfish & childish as that sounds, I was never asked or forced, or expected to do anything, so I didn’t) I hate that the kitchen counters are just covered in stuff that I would prefer to be in cabinets..ugh I really appreciate my parents allowing Marleigh & I to live here, but gosh I can’t wait to have my own place.


Back to cleaning…hopefully that will bring baby out


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