Didn’t eat past 9 last night. I think I was too exhausted to do anything. Jade was something else last night..Not sure what was up with her, but all she wanted to do was cry and be held. This morning I was down only 8 ounces..This really confuses me. So much is different with my body after this baby. Before I would’ve been down at least a pound. I think I need to drink more water. Today I’ve had oatmeal and coffee and its 6:30 pm..Not too bad..and I’m not really that hungry. I guess I’ve been talking nonstop about weightloss and body image lately, my mom is freaking out, so I’ve gotta eat some for dinner. I’m going to chug a bunch of water before its ready though, so I don’t eat as much as I feel like I want to. I also haven’t smoked today, which is something I do every morning. I’m worried about my milk production & as much as I’d rather just feed her formula so I could just starve the weight off, burning 500 calories a day by just sitting there letting her nurse is too good of a deal to pass up.

Last night’s dinner was rediculous though, but I had been craving it for so long that I let it be my last big horrahh. It was the KFC bacon bowl and just thinking of it now makes me wanna barf. I also ate the potato wedges and since they messed up on our order they gave us one of the chocolate chip cakes which I also ate a piece of. I guess that is a HUGE reason why I didn’t lose as much as I thought I was going to. Oh well, today was a new day, and I’m proud with what I’ve done so far today.


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  1. stay strong.i know i give in to temptations too. like, last night i ate so much.and im still beating myself up, refuse to get on the scale.just say youll do better next time. ❤

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