Haven’t really lost anymore weight, but I have stopped eating throughout the night/ early morning. & I really don’t eat until about 3 in the afternoon then make sure to stop by AT LEAST 10..but I don’t go to sleep til about 1, so its not that bad. Tomorrow Jade will have 2 bottles of formula during the day instead of just 1, so we’re getting closer to just being formula fed. I really thought breast feeding would knock this weight off like everyone was saying, but it hasn’t & I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty upset about that. I’m pretty sure I’ll lose a lot more a lot faster when I can just restrict. I hope my boobs don’t shrink too much though! I’ll be really upset :/ MAyyyyybe I’ll try to keep pumping, but I kinda doubt it. I’m really glad I didn’t buy the really expensive electric one. I’ve been sleeping pretty decent, but it takes me a while to actually wake up, but once I do I’m pretty good all day. On monday I’m going to hop on the treadmill. I would start it this weekend, but my mom & dad are home and I don’t like to exercise around them. Its a wierd thing. Today I drank entirely too much coffee, ate 3 mini powdered doughnuts šŸ˜¦ then didn’t eat again til dinner, but it was a pretty calorie packed meal of a toasted bagel, fried egg, and cheese sandwich šŸ˜¦ I suppose if that was the only calories I consumed today its not THAT bad, but definitely too high in fat and EMPTY calories.

I’m ready to get back to ME.


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