bee pollen

Well, I quit breastfeeding 😦 I have mixed feelings about it and I somewhat feel like i was pressured into giving it up before I was really ready, but that is in the past now, so its time to move on.

I picked up a bottle of bee pollen zxt gold this afternoon and with my friends advice I’m only taking 1 a day for the first week, then increasing to 2. You’re supposed to take them in the morning, but I didn’t wanna waste today, so I took 1 around 4pm. I will continue to take them in the mornings from now on. I really hope they work like they have for all of my friends. My appetite isn’t huge anyway, but hopefully they give me the energy to work out more. I was 156 :O— when I stepped on the scale a minute ago (that face is me barfing at the huge #) I have too much to deal with to stress over that, so I’m just going to let these pills run their course..THEN I will freak out if they don’t work lol I’d like to be 140 by Christmas. Gosh I hope these work!


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