have you tried it?

Woo Hoo! 152.8 this morning. Day 3 of taking bee pollen and down 3.2 lbs. It really does make you feel full. If I only eat when I’m feeling hungry instead of out of habit then I should be golden! Wednesday I took it in the middle of the day after I had already eaten a shit ton, so I don’t really count that day, but yesterday all I ate was tuna and lettuce on a pita and a handfull of chocolate covered raisins (stupid girl scouts!) haha Nothing but a cup of coffee so far this morning. It makes me really thirsty, so I’m drinking plenty of water which is great because I NEVER drink enough. I’m really loving this. The girl said that the first week is just detox, so its removing the impurities from your body (which God knows I have plenty of) then the real weightloss begins after that. I’m finally confident in my weight loss again. I will be very proud of myself once I lose this last 12.8 lbs..then its a little tougher from there. But I should be in school by then and will have free access to the gym. Time to quit smoking and get back on that treadmill..I miss cardio. Anyone else tried bee pollen? Let me know how its working for you.


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