Went up 2 oz from yesterday because I had a mini binge last night after not eating all day. Had some hamburger helper that my mom made and an egg roll and a reeces christmas tree YUCK..It wouldn’t be so bad to eat if I wouldn’t eat disgusting shit! 6 pounds in less than a week though. I think I may have to up the dosage to the normal 2 pills a day instead of just the 1 because I’m starting to feel hungry again :/ I’ve gotta start doing SOME kind of workout..I pretty much do nothing all day except take care of the baby, so I’ve gotta get even just 15 mins in. Anything would help. And I really have to quit smoking. I can feel it in my chest and everything. I’m only at about 4 a day, but that’s just still too much. I need to cut it out completely. If I keep myself occupied I don’t even think about it, but I’m just bored all the time sitting at home. Every day I need to make myself get up while Jade is going back down for her nap after her morning feeding instead of going back to sleep too. That would be the perfect time for me to exercise and get a shower. Probably even enough time for me to blow dry my hair. Then she will wake up and I will feed her. We can play for a little bit, then it will be time for her 20-30 minute nap & at that time I can get dressed, do my hair, and put on at least some mascara. (Trying not to wear face makeup unless I have to because it breaks me out so badly) Even if I’m not going anywhere. I must not lay around the house in sweats all day. Gonna go get dressed right now as a matter of fact!


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