Some thinspo

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Can’t wiat wil I look like that in shorts again!

I upped my bee pollen dosage to 2 pills this morning instead of just 1.

More later. Just got the urge to jump on that treadmill & I’m not gonna let it pass. I should have a few cuz the baby is sleeping. I’ll run til she wakes up.

EDIT:Well she woke up just as I was lacing my sneakers..but that’s okay. I dug out the jumprope and did 100 reps and a 5 minute leg workout..Then she started crying for a bottle. I plan to do more later as soon as my dad leaves..Ugh! Living with my parents sucks, but I really have no other choice at all right now, so I’m just going to have to suck it up.

I thought of a reward for when I reach 140. I really REALLY REALLY need to tan. So, I’m going to get a 30 day package when I do. Better start saving now..I’m so broke :/ And the tanning will encourage me even more to drop the weight in a quick time because I want to at least have it started by the time school starts January 16th.

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Pinned ImageYUCK!

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me either!

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Jay would love this

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Yep, that’s the worst! I want nothing hanging over anywhere! No love handles over jeans, no bra fat over & around the straps, ugh & my least favorite arm pit fat when wearing tube tops!

Really, I just want my old clothes to fit. That’s my UG#1. Get back to 129 where I was before I got pregnant with Jade then for my UGW lose 5 more pounds. I was nearly perfect at 129. So damn close I could taste  it…well the lack of taste was more like it.

Its 3:30 PM and I’ve had only water and 1 cup of coffee with a sweet & low and a splash of 2% milk. Lets keep it that way!

EDIT: Hell yeah! I had one more cup of coffee, no milk this time & then just more water. No food today 🙂 I’m proud of myself. My mom noticed I didn’t eat tonight, so I’ve got to be sure and figure something out for tomorrow night’s dinner whether its grabbing it & running to my room or saying I’m going out? idk maybe I’ll make something, then smear some of it on a plate before they get home and pretend like I already ate. I also got in 240 jump rope reps and a 5minute leg workout. I want to go run & jump on the scale right now, but I know that it will have no affect. I know I’m getting my hopes up. I doubt I will even be under 150 😦 Its ok. Just gotta work just as hard if not harder tomorrow!


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