The depression is beginning to set in again. I’m not sure exactly what triggers it. Could be stress. Nineteen hours this semester in school, tutoring four grade-schoolers 2 nights a week for two hours a piece, thankfully my extended learning class ends tomorrow evening, so that night can free up, never being able to relax..EVER, money troubles, trying to get back into work somehow (since I can’t think of a LEGAL get rick quick scheme), and Sean pulling a whole bunch of BS with child support, which I still haven’t recieved a dime of.

On the plus side..if there is a plus side to depression, this is typically when my rapid weightloss occurs. I am currently 10 lbs from where I was before I got pregnant. I lost 40 without doing anything at all. I haven’t worked out, haven’t paid much attention to diet except a couple times. I don’t think it will be hard for me to lose these next 10 lbs by just restricting. I’ve been overlaoding my body with so much shit especially in this past week, that I bet once I start to restrict my body will react favorably.

I gotta quit smoking too. I really do, but that can wait. But no more smoking in my new car!! I hate that it already smells! I’ll post a pic I took earlier this week sometime later tonight. Too many watching eyes in the library, and it’s quite bare.


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