Home alone today, therefore I’m walking around in tight spandex workout shorts and a sports bra and making sure that if I get the urge to eat I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself til I decide to change my mind. I’m cleaning all day, gotta do something to keep busy while the kid is at day care. I need to stay away from the computer because xanga, pinterest, and facebook are slowly consuming me. I’ll pick Jade up around 1:30-2 and we’ll probably take a nap, til 4 ish, so then I just have to worry about the evening hours…which are of course the worst.

I start working back out at the bar on friday. I want to look good. I want to look nice in all of my old clothes, not like they’re painted on me and if I make a wrong move they’ll rip in 1/2. Saturday is st. patty’s day and I’m working 4-9. I bought a light green corset from Fredericks of Hollywood to wear. A corset could make an elephant look good, its just the places that aren’t laced up that I’m worried about. Arm pit fat (because it’s a tube top of course) and the love handles. I can avoid the love handles by wearing bigger jeans, but they just don’t make me look as nice as my tight skinny jeans, so this week I was determined to be about 5 lbs down. Already lost 2 over the past 2 days and I know the only weight I’m really going to be losing is waterweight/toxins, but if anything it will just make ME feel better. After I put a load of laundry in I’m going to plug in the wii and do some zumba or just dance, probably the dance because its more fun and I feel like its a great cardio workout. What do you think would be best?.,.hmm but I’m really craving a cig, ha! I gotta quit, so I can have longer more effective workouts!


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