back to pre baby weight!

I guess they’re right when they say it takes 9 months to gain it 9 months to lose it..almost. I am back to 129 eight months later after gaining 54 pounds throughout my pregnancy. Which is great because I have to wear a BIKINI tonight to work :/ I am of course not exactly happy with the way I look, but I am going to look just as good if not better than the girls I am working with tonight..Unfortunately, they have the boobs that I don’t so everyone will just be looking at their “Assets” while they will be scanning over my entire body. And everyone knows there that I’ve had a kid, so they’re going to be extra critical. I know I would be if I was a customer. I hope that I get good reviews. For the past couple of days people have said things about me being skinny and looking great for just having a kid, but I’m wondering if they REALLY mean I look great, or if they are meaning that I look good FOR HAVING A KID..ya know? I’ve been doing pretty well with restricting. I avoid food all day and then usually have a somewhat normal meal for dinner. Next stop 125!


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