I’ve really been slacking these past couple of weeks. So this morning when I got up to weigh myself, I thought for sure that I was up to at least 134, btu surprisingly I was down to 128.7. Now it the hard part. Getting below that. This is one plateau that I just can’t seem to get off of! It drives me nuts because it seems like forever that I’ve wanted my next GW to be 125 and a realistic UGW at 119 for a 5’9″ mom. Of course, as we all know those numbers change as we get to them and just keep going lower and lower because when we look in the mirror all we see staring back at us is a 300 pound heffer! I’d love to tone up, but lets face it, I’m too lazy so I’ll just starve instead :/ Isn’t that sad? Anyway, before I get too depressed, I’ve decided to fast today. Waking up to a lower number than I expect always kind of kicks my determination into gear. It’s almost like “Wow, look, you’re starting out good, how much lower can you go in 24 hours?” Plus I work tonight and I want to wear something that probably is tight or shows my stomach and I’d hate to be bloated. Also, one of the girls I work with thinks she’s hot shit & going to move to Miami and blah blah blah..but in reality, she’s NOT. She’s not even that pretty, her teeth are messed up, and hate to break it to ya hunni, but since your breakup with your douchebag, metro BF, yuo’ve gained some weight..and I’m gonna go ahead and rub it in her face. Even though I don’t think I’m skinny, I’m definitely skinnier than her and I want to make sure she knows it.

OK I realize I’m sounding like a major bitch right there, and I’m tooootally not in person, but it kinda pumps me up to be thinking that. Also helps me fight away those cravings, so I’m gonna go ahead & be an online bully lol!

And lucky you! I’m in the mood to post some thinspo. Not sure how much bc I’m at work at my boss could come back at anytime, so lets get it started & hope for a long post 🙂

Pinned Image


love these outfitsHad to add this because I’m just SO bad at picking out outfits for myself 😦 I need to start pinning more of these then making a list when I got shopping and tell myself what to buy, so I can put together cute outfits like this. No more shopping for me til 125! NONE!…Good way to sae money, bc I’m never gonna get there. I want to be there by September 9, that’s Jade’s birthday. That’s almost 2 months. There is no reason I shouldn’ tbe able to get there.

by Gorges Schmidt


Gimme! #thinspo

Reem Acra Ruffled Strapless Cocktail Dress

ultra-sultry babydoll set

sea foam green camisoleShe looks so young and happy








. thinspo

thinspoI wish I could get that look with my hair


Well I suppose that’s all for today. I’m pretty bored, but managed to make it past lunch with no problem. Leaving work here in about 2 hours, then to pick up my Jade-y girl and home. Hopefully I can convince her that a nap is a good idea before mommy has to go to job number 2. I know I could do something smarter like pick up my wii zumba and do a little workout, but I hate working out when people are home, I feel like an idiot. Also, if I stay downstairs for too long, I know I’m going to wander into the kitchen and binge out!..No way am I letting THAT happen today. Usually if I can make it to about 2pm I’m good for the day as long as I’m working at night.

And on that note, I’m just gonna go ahead and high-five myself because I think I’m a pretty great mom. Yes, I would like to be around my child more, but I have to make sacrafices to insure that she and I can have shoes on our feet and food on the table. Nothing in this world has ever been able to drag me away from this horrible disease like the 9 months I was pregnant with her and the 3-4 months afterward that I breastfed. I ate the nutrition that I knew she and I needed and maintained a healthy diet FOR HER! Granted, I’m back to my old ways now, but it is in no way affecting her. I work 2 jobs and go to school. Right now I only have one summer school class, but it’s pretty tough, thats why I took it in summer when that would be the only class I would have to focus on. I take her to day care every day and pick her up and hold her and kiss her for as long as her squirmy little butt will let me. High-five, Self. For actually doing something RIGHT for once!


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