If you guys haven’t made a twitter account specifically for you ED I definitely recommend it. It’s so much easier and more convenient to get the support you need fast from your phone, ipad, etc. Believe it or not I’m at my lowest weight since high school. This morning I weighed in at 5’9″ 123.8 That’s less than 10 lbs from my UGW of 114.0..but I think I’m going to have to end up changing that. I thought I’d be a lot happier when I got below 125, but I’m still not liking what I see. My thighs are so close to touching it’s not even funny. i thought I’d have “the Gap” by now. My love handles are…well STILL THERE! and My hip bones aren’t visible like at all when I’m not laying down. I think 108 would be a pretty good UGW to shoot for now. Wow that seems so far away! That’s almost 20 lbs more. Gotta not let myself get overwhelmed. I can’t remember monday, but I don’t think I did TOO badly. Tuesday I fasted. Wednesday I binged BIG TIME. I fasted all day until about 7pm then I ate a cup of spaghetti, and enormous meat ball, and about 2 cups of salad with 2 tbs of balsalmic dressing :(. I’m STILL mad about that! Yesterday I fasted until about 6:30 PM and then I had about 2 cups of salad with 1 tbs of balsalmic dressing. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t eat the cheese, but then I said one bite, and then I said one more bite, and then I ate it all 😦 That’s what I hate about eating..I can’t make myself stop! but that’s all I ate yesterday and then I did a 25 minute zumba workout. I’ve never done zumba before, but it did have me sweating and I felt some tightness in my abs. I thought I would be sore today, but I’m not. Today so far, I’ve had a 20 oz cup of coffee that I put 1/4 cup of fat free vanilla cappuccino in. I know that has to be loaded with calories, so I’m going to work out in my office today, since I just sit here by myself all day. I don’t want to eat anything today because tomorrow my grandma is having a family reunion and I know it will look wierd if I don’t eat especially since I’ve lost weight and I’m not skinnier than I’ve ever been less than a year after having a baby. People WILL notice. So I must make it look like I’m eating. I think I’ll grab a plate with healthy fruits and veggies etc and then act like I’m feeding Jade the whole time. I’ve gotta figure out where I can sneak off to there to have a cig because I’ll freak without one. How is it that I can give up food for a day, but not cigarettes lol?

Anyone have any workout suggestions that don’t really require any equiptment that I can do here in my office or in my room at home? I DO NOT want to build muscle, I don’t need that weight, I just more or less want to burn the fat around my love handles, stomach, upper arms, and thighs.

If you DO have a twitter acct, follow me at 0zeroislove0 Sarafina Jade and I’ll follow you back.


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